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Welcome To Ooahh Mobile (ooahh.com)
A Full Version web browser for your Android device.


- Ad Blocker
- Proxy Support
- Full Javascript Support
- Bookmark Synchronization via FireFox Sync
- Import bookmarks from existing browsers
- An easy to use tabbed browsing interface
- Integration with your favorite search engine
- Full website viewing support (Simply switch your user agent do Desktop mode)
- Uses major plugins such as Adobe Flash Player.
- & More...

0.9.4:(Release June 16th, 2014)
- Added support for Android API 19
- Improved Graphics
- Improved Start Page
- Faster startup
- Application updates are now secured by SSL

-- Older Releases --

0.9.3 (Released October 3rd, 2013);
- Added support for Android API 18
- Improved Graphics
- Improved Start Page
- Faster startup
- Application updates are now secured by SSL

0.9.2 (Released September 21st, 2012):
- Improved Device Support
- Application update checking now only occurs once every 24 hours
- Added the fax: url scheme format
- Added the ftp: url scheme format
- Added the im: url scheme format
- Added the mailto: url scheme format
- Added the calto: url scheme format
- Added the tel: url scheme format
- Added the sms: url scheme format
- Added the irc: url scheme format
- Added the ipp: url scheme format
- Added the rsync: url scheme format
- Added the facetime: url scheme format
- Added the aim: url scheme format
- Added the gtalk: url scheme format
- Added the message: url scheme format
- Added the ymsgr: url scheme format
- Removed internal log mechnisms
- Changed the progress dialog from using pixels to DP
- Improved Grammar in Dialogs
- Other code clean up and improvements

0.9.1 (Released September 3rd, 2012):
- Fixed a few crash problems.
- Improved legacy emulation support for newer devices
- Other minor code improvements and optimization

0.9 (Released March 12th, 2012):
- Market links will now either launch the Google Market web site or an app installed on the client which handles market:// links.
- Code cleanup and optimization on a few layout XML files.
- SqLite database files that are generated by Ooahh now call the full path to their data directory location during runtime.
- SSL error alerting has been upgraded.
- About page updated
- Users custom browser plugins are now enabled by default.
- Improved the Ooahh Dashboard with a minor graphical update.
- Fixed a few grammar errors
- Moved Android manifest permissions to the top of the Android manifest file as required by newer Android OS versions 4x and greater.

- By default the Search box will appear on the Ooahh Dashboard
- Optimized the database start up scheme decreasing the time taken to launch the application
- Added more database error reporting to find and address database issues within Ooahh
- Market:// links that are requested from a url forward method now properly pass to market.android.com
- More Url checking and verification

- Market:// links are passed directly to market.android.com
- Fixed a bug in the Ooahh Start page where the search option was showing up above the advertisement.
- Wide viewport mode is enabled by default. This gives the browser more of a desktop feel to it since pages will be zoomed out upon loadup.
- Initial automatic upgrade process will be tested for this release. If you are using this version then it worked!
- About page updated.

- Improved menu button locations
- Added link for Mobile View which will call up Userdock.com for a possible mobile or full view of the site requested.
- Automatic upgrade notification and install methods have been added to help keep your Android using the newest most stable release available.
- More layout improvements and credits added.
- Beta release candidate ready.

- More code clean-up and default configurations updated.
- Code preparation for auto upgrade check system
- The start page has been modified (default home page)
- Your favorite bookmarks will automatically import from your current Android Bookmarks if any.

- Debug anonymous crash handler report setup to help find program issues as they occur.
- More graphical improvements
- Bookmarks importing / exporting updates
- You can simply type a word or phrase into the address input area which if not a url will trigger your default search engine

- Default user agent setup, can switch to the Desktop Ooahh User Agent for enhanced browsing
- Adblocker enabled by default
- All mobile Android plugins supported (including flash)
- Bookmark sync through the use of Firefox Sync

- Added Active 9 Search as the default provider
- Layout and graphical improvements
- Mobile View mode added

- Initial Release

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