Privacy Policy

Last Updated: April 7th, 2017

This policy outlines the information collects about your experience interacting with services, applications, and sites provided by Active9.

  • 1.a
    1. employs the use of browser identification and other non personally identifiable information to track and maintain accurate information during a users experience on sites and applications we build.
  • 1.b
    1. Cookies and Server Side Sessions may be utilized to store user options and advertisements. These cookies and sessions are set to expire anywhere from 1 second to 50 years depending on the content issued by the advertiser. employs cookies and sessions that expire within hours to limit stagnant settings. This can both be annoying and beneficial to users as the options set sometimes do not reflect new updates to sites and software produced by active9.
  • 1.c
    1. Where available, has limited the display of advertisements based off of a user set option utilizing session based server-side storage. This information is deleted 4x daily as to clear room for new users settings.
  • 1.d
    1. Statistical information about your browser screen size, color bits, browser model, OS model, country of origin, city of origin, and various other tracking methods that do not personally identify you are utilized to track and maintain quality of service.
  • 2.a
    1. ensures the security of it's services through the use of watchdog services that maintain and monitor activity on the servers provided to our clients as well as application server security.
  • 2.b
    1. reserves the right to delete any information collected however upon special government inquiry non-personal identifiable information may be released. This will only sustain an audience upon express written consent.
  • 2.c
    1. Content provided by is distributed on platforms accessible across multiple devices. Saved information is not transferable across devices. However some products may utilize same-device private information through the use of cookies or sessions outlined above.
  • 2.d
    1. All content provided is safe for all audiences of the age 13 or older unless otherwise stated.
  • 3.a
    1. Advertisements may employ the use of cookies and sessions to track which ads you click on and view. These ads may also track information about your device as outlined above.
  • 3.b
    1. We maintain a strict PG rating on all advertisements. If you should find an advertisement provided within a site or an app offensive please contact the Active 9 Support Team.
  • 3.c
    1. Some advertisements may be disabled via the use of sessions, cookies, or purchasing a version of a product provided that is Ad-Free. Active9 may also not display ads on occasions where we feel the space is best left blank.
  • 3.d
    1. Advertisements may be blocked by users whom do not wish to view said advertisements. Active9 utilizes ad-blocker teqniques in some of our software that allows users to block advertisements both from Active9 and other sites on the web.
  • 3.e
    1. Users search information may be used to target advertisements related to kewords or phrases searched. This results in some information being passed to our secured partners websites. This information is only used to display advertisements relative to what you are searching for. No personal information is exchanged besides your entered phrase or keyword.
  • 4.a
    1. Active9 may track search engine or other user input to their geographical region. This information is gathered and used anonymously to better serve yourself and users in your area. This information is never sold or saved permanently unless otherwise noted.
  • 4.b
    1. Due to the nature of search engine results and human input we can not guarantee this site is safe for minors however, if you find a problem or content that is not pg-13 (As outlined in section 2.d) please contact us so we may remove any infringing content.
  • 4.c
    1. Keyword suggestions are utilized to help users quickly find information. All keywords saved are done so anonymously. By default keyword information is stored per language and thus keyword results may vary depending on dialect and language differences amoung regions.
  • 4.d
    1. User accounts may be provided to offer additional services for either free or a set fee. Unless noted all services on are free to use. All memberships and types are bound to obey and abide by this privacy policy in full. Active9 reserves the right to remove any user account without notification to the user. Active9 reserves the right to remove any user account for any reason, this includes paid services.
  • 4.e
    1. Information stored in member accounts is kept private as outlined in sections 2.a and 2.b above.
  • 4.d
    1. Due to the nature of the internet we can not guarantee your information will be kept private altho we do attempt to make every preventible and security measure available to protect your information.
  • 4.f
    1. Passwords and email addresses stored under Active9 are the property of the user and are kept private unless the user shares this information publicly. Active9 only reserves the right to use this information to notify you about important changes and to help you fix a problem with your Active9 account.
  • 4.g
    1. Active9 will never ask you for your account information or login details.
  • 5.a
    1. Non personal information is stored anonymously to track users activities for both metrics and stability testing. This information is stored for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 3 years. This information is used both in private and for future public metrics. This information will never be sold.
  • 5.b
    1. Personal information is stored on our secure servers and never sold. Passwords are hashed and encoded for security.
  • 5.c
    1. When available Active9 will utilize Javascript encryption and/or SSL to encrypt your data throuhput to Active9.
  • 6.a
    1. Active9 may provide services which will track a users activity within a specific domain. When data is tracked it is stored securely on our servers where it is kept confidential to the owner of the domain in which tracking is enabled. This information is never resold or used to taylor search or other page results. Users may optionally Opt Out of being tracked.
  • 6.b
    1. Active9 may allow non-exclusive rights to use the same tracking technology for use on their own personal site. If and when this is the case a user may still opt out from the method outlined in section 6.a. When a user opts out they will no longer be tracked.
  • 6.c
    1. Active9 may share and distribute content that you have provided as outlined in our Terms of Service.
  • 6.d
    1. Active9 may allow external sources access to your Session data. When an external request is made for your session data you will be asked to approve or deny access. This may be in the form of a statement, image, notification, or other alert.
* By using Active 9 or any of our Products or Services you understand and agree to the above privacy policy.